John J. Joyce, Esq.

John J. Joyce, Esq. is a Senior Associate at TransAnalytics. Previously, he held positions with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, Maryland Department of Transportation including, most recently, Chief, Driver Safety Research; earlier, he served as Assistant to the Deputy Administrator; Director, Licensing and Consumer Services; and Acting Director of the Public Information Office, in a career spanning the years 1994-2009.

Mr. Joyce offers a diverse set of skills and capabilities including system analysis, legal and policy analysis, information system development, process development, organizational development, planning, and public speaking. Most recently, Mr. Joyce’s interests and expertise have centered upon traffic safety data aggregation, applications and analysis.

Significant accomplishments by Mr. Joyce include creation of a decade-spanning research data warehouse of licensing status, convictions, and related information; assistance in the creation of a safety research office within his host agency; initiation of development for Maryland’s current driver licensing system; design and consulting on creation of a Motorcycle Safety data collection system; and direction of the Maryland Research Consortium on the Older Driver, a quarterly symposium with participation from Federal, State, and local transportation agencies, medical and safety researchers, highway and driver safety advocates, public interest groups, social service organizations, private service providers, alternate and complementary transportation providers, and interested public.

Mr. Joyce received his J.D. from the University of Maryland School of Law in 1988. He has been a Member of the Maryland Bar from 1988 to present (currently inactive status), and he is a Member of the Committee for Safe Mobility for Older Persons (ANB60). Mr. Joyce is the co-founding co-chair of the Joint Subcommittee on Medical Advisory Boards and Licensing of the Transportation Research Board, and has served on the Boards of Advisors of both the Charles Mac Mathias National Study Center for the Study of Trauma and Emergency Medical Systems, and the Maryland Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System (CODES) project.

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