Lawrence E. Decina, MS

Lawrence E. Decina is a Senior Associate at TransAnalytics. Previously, he worked as a Senior Research Psychologist for The Scientex Corporation (1994-2000); Manager/Research Psychologist of the Human Factors Division at Ketron, Division of the Bionetics Corporation (1980-1994), and Research Assistant at the Franklin Institute Research Center (1975-1980). Mr. Decina serves as our company’s Principal Investigator on an array of projects, having a focus on occupant protection and other traffic safety related issues, such as enforcement, driver licensing, older driver capabilities, countermeasures to reduce impaired driving, teen driving, and driver distraction. He has successfully led over twenty research grants, contracts and subcontracts for Federal and State government clients as the Principal Investigator or Project Manager since the late 1980’s.

Mr. Decina is a nationally recognized expert in child passenger safety, especially in enforcement programs and observation studies on use and misuse of child restraints; and has led the way in promoting education and certification programs in this field. His study results have been used in national program and advertising campaigns. His work in this area also spans law enforcement initiatives, public education and information campaigns, and related program development and evaluation activities. Significant products of Mr. Decina’s work include evaluation of child restraint law enforcement programs and national observation surveys of use and misuse of child restraints and vehicle LATCH systems for NHTSA. He has also conducted studies for Safe Kids USA to identify and examine the impact of their car seat inspection programs; and has developed a guidebook for observing all types of restraint systems for the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

More broadly, Mr. Decina’s contributions in the field of traffic safety research include NHTSA projects investigating the feasibility of new simulation technology to train novice drivers; and more recently he led a study that produced a Compendium of evaluations of automated enforcement systems worldwide. For the Federal Highway Administration, he has participated in many projects covering traffic engineering and control issues with driver behavior; and developed an international resource guide to highway transportation information. Overall, Mr. Decina has published over twelve peer-reviewed journal articles and over twenty technical reports addressing diverse topics of highway safety and driver licensing.

Mr. Decina received his M.S. and B.S. in Psychology and Information Science from Drexel University. He is a member of long standing of the Transportation Research Board, and is active in its Occupant Protection Committee (ANB45) and Operator Education and Regulation Committee (ANB30). Mr. Decina is a certified child passenger safety (CPS) technician (TO26645).

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