TransAnalytics is a small consulting business in the suburban Philadelphia area that provides research and development services to government and industry. Our company was founded on 01/01/01 with a core of professional staff averaging nearly two decades of relevant experience each. These critical human resources allow us to set a standard for quality of deliverables and attention to clients’ needs that is unmatched in markets where we compete.

Key personnel who provide technical leadership within our primary business areas:

With the support of our company’s Business Manager, Ann M. Scheeler, this team of seasoned professionals offers the skills and experience needed to address critical issues in traffic safety: design and engineering practices that are adaptive for an aging society; innovative techniques to screen and assess driver qualifications to operate private and commercial vehicles; licensing policies that fairly balance individual rights and public health concerns; technology and training to improve driver performance under more congested, more demanding traffic conditions; and the promotion of practical, effective education and enforcement strategies to protect infant, toddler, child, and adult vehicle occupants.

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